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Chris Quintana, Financial Consultant, Best-Selling Author

Hi, I’m Chris Quintana


First of all, I am so happy that you found us. I feel that this could be what enhances your financial future from today onward depending on what you do next.

I started CQ Consulting Services to share my knowledge and my personal financial team with my clients. Our team understands the emotional and realistic journey of finance.   I wanted people to have a space to go without being “sold” to.  A place to become empowered through education so that they feel confident with their financially educated decisions. 


My clients learn strategies that have create financial independence. Most of these strategies they likely would never hear of from a traditional financial advisor.  I discovered that the less we know the more *they make.  Unfortunately, I figured that out from experience. 

Now I am on a mission to help other people like me flip the script.  I want others to be in the know by increasing their financial IQ. have by sharing the wealth of knowledge and legal loopholes that I have gained over the years.  At CQ Consulting Services we use these same types of strategies and solutions to secure our clients' life now and in the future.  Everything we do is intentional and helps our clients take charge of their own finances.  We teach them how to maximize their existing resources to create more cash flow today.  They don't have to stress about making the wrong decision or trusting the wrong person because they are in charge.  

They learn how to Keep More, Make More, and Live More.

The fact that you’ve landed on our website, tells me you’ve been searching for answers, guidance and help in regards to your personal and/or business finances. 

​I invite you to become empowered by learning a new way of managing your finances. I look forward to sharing our best strategies and solutions to your money questions and concerns. ​


To your success,


PS-If you like the idea of automating your finances, want to be in the know and have full access to what *they don’t want you to know then you will love what our team has for you. 


* they refers to the financial industry and the government

2009 Founder & CEO of Q&M Properties LLC

2013 Founded Financially Sassy Women's Club

2015 Founded Financially Sassy Coaching

2020 Founder & CEO CQ Consulting Services Based in Atlanta, Ga - serving Nationwide

Chris Quintana, Financial Consultant, Philantropist, Chris is holding a Chimpanzee
Chris Quintana surrounded by children during philantropic efforts.

Chris Quintana

A Financial Strategist, Estate Planner, Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist and, International Best Selling Author

As a Financial Strategist, Estate Planner, Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist and, International Best Selling Author Chris is driven by principles of loyalty, integrity, faith, and excellence in whatever she is doing in her life.

When she is not mentoring someone or helping someone increase their financial IQ, cash flow, and net worth she can be found in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra or volunteering somewhere in or out of the country.  She has been to several 3rd World Countries traveling for  humanitarian work, or visiting endangered animals in the wild.

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About You

You are smart and successful in your work life.  You make great money, you are even a good saver but you know that you should be doing more to maximize what you have and this concerns you.  The problem is that you don’t know what that is because there is such an overload of information. Plus you are so busy with work and life that it’s hard to find the time. You have often thought to yourself “if I  just had someone that could give me a GPS for my finances and help me automate them so that I can reach my goals. So I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  It’s stressful making financial moves. I don’t want to make the wrong moves. But making no moves is also stressing me out.” 

You deserve to work with a financial professional who will not only address your specific money needs but will also educate, empower, and inspire you to become financially independent sooner than later

About Us


We teach our clients – how to keep more, make more, and live more.  They learn non-traditional ways of money management that give them more certainty, more control, and more confidence with their money. We want all of our clients to feel secure and confident through every stage of life not just in retirement. 

CQ Consulting uses a team approach so that our clients are completely covered. By strategically aligning with industry leading external partners in early 2020 we have added to our expertise and options for our clients.


Our team consists of Certified Financial Planners, Certified Senior Advisors, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Analysts, Tax Strategists, Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, and more.

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