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5 Easy Steps to Automate Your Wealth

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Hi, I’m Chris Quintana

First of all, I am so happy that you found us. I feel that this could be what enhances your financial future from today onward depending on what you do next.

I started CQ Consulting firm to share my personal financial team. A team that understands the emotional, and realistic journey of finance. It is exactly what I personally wanted for myself and now I have it for my clients. A place to go without being “sold” to0.  A place to become empowered through education so that they feel confident with their financial decisions. 


My clients learn of options and strategies that they most likely won’t hear of with a traditional financial advisor.  These strategies and solutions secure their life now and in the future without having to stress about making the wrong decision or trusting the wrong person. 

I realize that the less we know the more *they make. I figured that out from experience. Now I want to help you flip the script like I have by sharing the wealth of knowledge that I have gained over the years.  

The fact that you’ve landed on our website tells me you’ve been searching for answers, guidance, and help in regards to your personal and/or business finances. 

​I invite you to become empowered by learning a new way of managing your finances. I look forward to sharing our best strategies and solutions to your money questions and concerns. ​


To your success,


PS-If you like the idea of automating your finances, want to be in the know, and have full access to what *they don’t want you to know then you will love what our team has for you. 


* they refer to the financial industry and the government

2009 Founder & CEO of Q&M Properties LLC

2013 Founded Financially Sassy Women's Club

2105 Founded  Financially Sassy Coaching

2020 Founder & CEO CQ Consulting Services Based in Atlanta, Ga - serving Nationwide

2020 Partnered with DRIVE PLANNING  Based in Atlanta, Ga

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