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4 Tax Saving Strategies For Business Owners

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

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Here's an eye-opener: 93% of business owners are unknowingly overpaying their taxes, whether or not they have a costly accountant. The federal tax code is over 70,000 pages long, so finding all your tax savings can be challenging. However, we've got your back with four essential ways to reduce your tax burden as an entrepreneur, ensuring you're well-equipped with tax-saving strategies designed for business owners.

1. Leverage Tax-Saving Strategies to Invest in Your Business

As part of your tax-saving strategies, remember that the more you invest in your business, the greater the potential for tax deductions. Ensure that your expenditures contribute to your business's profitability. These expenses can include office spaces, technology equipment, and payroll.

2. Align Personal and Business Spending

Examine your personal spending to identify expenses that can be connected to your business, transforming existing spending into tax-advantaged deductions. These tax-saving strategies are essential for business owners. Avoid using personal funds for business expenses, as this can complicate matters and affect your ability to claim deductions. Instead, utilize your business account for purchases like devices with a business purpose.

3. Optimize Your Tax Rate

Consider tax-saving strategies to lower your tax rate, such as shifting income from ordinary to capital gains when suitable. One approach is to establish your investment company. You can also explore options like hiring family members in lower tax brackets.

4. Tax Deferral

Explore financial vehicles that allow you to defer taxes, effectively reducing your taxable income. Keep in mind that the taxes will still be due in the future.

Mastering Tax Saving Strategies for Business Owners

Master these essential tax-saving strategies for business owners and put an end to overpaying your taxes. For more in-depth advice tailored to your business's unique needs, connect with us, and CQ Consulting will guide you toward keeping more money in your pocket while ensuring your business's financial health.

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