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Postponing Retirement: Why Some Choose to Delay and How to Avoid Retirement Regret

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

a woman painting, thinking about postponing retirement

Most people look forward to retirement. However, a surprising number of people hesitate to start their golden years -– or even "un-retiring" a few years in due to the growing trend of postponing retirement.

Bad Timing: Navigating Economic Conditions

The official minimum retirement age isn't always within our control. Economic downturns, high inflation, or other unfavorable conditions can influence the decision to delay retirement. Some individuals prefer to wait for economic improvements to maximize their investments before tapping into retirement savings.

Boredom: Rediscovering Purpose in Retirement

The concept of "ikigai," or "reason for being" in Japanese, highlights the struggle many retirees face in finding a sense of purpose after leaving the workforce. Those who fail to find productive ways to spend their time may experience boredom and restlessness, prompting them to reenter the workforce and "un-retire."

Strategies for How to Avoid Retirement Regret

Personalized Retirement Age: Defying the Norm

Approaching retirement requires a clear understanding of your financial situation and goals. The ideal retirement age may differ from societal norms, and there is no harm in postponing retirement if the timing doesn't feel right. Similarly, early retirement can be pursued if circumstances allow.

Embracing Fulfillment: Active Lifestyle and Hobbies

To prevent restlessness there are numerous ways to stay active and fulfilled during retirement. Engaging in hobbies, pursuing travel opportunities, and exploring new interests can contribute to a satisfying retirement experience. It's important to proactively seek activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Finding Purpose: Volunteering and Part-Time Work

Volunteering or engaging in part-time work can provide a meaningful outlet for those seeking a sense of purpose in retirement. Contributing to causes, helping others, and staying connected to the workforce in a reduced capacity can foster personal fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.

Secure a Fulfilling Retirement Strategy

By understanding the reasons for postponing retirement and implementing effective strategies to avoid retirement regret, individuals can create a comprehensive retirement plan that aligns with their financial goals, personal fulfillment, and overall well-being. If you're looking for expert guidance on how to avoid retirement regret and develop a robust retirement strategy, contact us today.

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