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Tax Section Of Your Program.


Taxes are our largest expense whether we like it or not.  If we don't want to pay more than our fair share we must have an advocate on our side. Tax Hive, is our preferred partner for business tax services. Tax Hive is proud of their strategic relationship with well-known entrepreneur and TV personality Kevin O’Leary. His investment in the venture, regular business trainings, and ongoing support to all of Tax Hive’s clients sets them apart in the tax services world.

From a Tax Hive press release in 2020, Mr. O’Leary commented: “I am excited to partner and invest in Tax Hive because I know small business is the backbone of our economy. I’m an advocate for small businesses, the voice for them, and I believe small business owners should have the same tax advantages that big businesses have but at an affordable price. It has been, after all, my use of professionals who understand the tax code and the opportunities that have been a key factor in my business growth and success. As a small business owner, Tax Hive is the best source you can turn to.”

Tax Hive is a source for business tax preparation, tax consulting, bookkeeping, audit response, and entity
formation. They believe in forward tax planning and give their clients access to licensed, experienced tax professionals year-round to help businesses be more strategic and profitable.

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