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Shattering Traditional Retirement Myths for Financial Freedom

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The Illusion of Traditional Retirement Security

Who wants to spend 45 years investing in their 401k to 'maybe' have enough for a traditional retirement? Not me, but I knew no other way to achieve financial freedom.

I heard I needed at least a million dollars saved for retirement. How many people do you know that have even come close to that saved for their traditional retirement?

The Alarming Numbers Behind Traditional Retirement

According to a chart I read on an Edward Jones page, U.S. residents aged 45 to 54 have an average of $254,720; those 55 to 64 have an average of $408,420; those 65 to 74 have an average of $426,070; and those over 70 have an average of $357,920.

Not even close!!! These American citizens have nowhere close to what they need if they ever plan on retiring!! Holy Schnikes!

The Flaws in Traditional Retirement Planning

Why do you think this is????

Because most people are following the “traditional” path that was designed for them by our rigged financial system. Think about it, the ones that have at least this much saved are trying to do what is best based on what they have been taught.

The Four Pillars of Traditional Retirement: A Closer Look

What have we been taught? Go to school (get in debt), get a job (pay taxes- w2 employees, pay the most in tax), save money (in the bank), grow money ( stock market roller coaster).

Why do I say it’s rigged? Oh, so many reasons, but today I want to touch on just the ones above.

1) Go to school. Student loan debt is out of control. 2023 statistics state: Only 27.3% of college graduates work in the field of their degree. 62.1% of college grads don't work in their major field. 38% of people with a bachelor's degree say they would have chosen a different major.

Not good odds…. I know someone who owes over 150k in student loan debt and is not even working in the field she went to school for. But she has no way to get out of that debt. Except death…. That’s horrible.

2) GET A JOB. As a w2 employee, you pay more tax than business owners. I’m sure you heard that Warren Buffet is in a lower tax bracket than his housekeeper. What? Why may you ask? Because there are more tax incentives for business owners. Anyhow, we are taught to be employees because the government needs more taxpayers.

3) Save money. Where does the average American save their money for safe keeping? The bank! The bank uses your deposited money and makes it work for them... That’s a pretty smart way to make money - using other people’s money, don’t you think? Then they pay you pennies on your money.

4) Grow your money in the stock market! It’s the only way they tell us. Why do you think our traditional retirement plans are in the stock market? Why do you think it takes 45+ years to possibly have enough to retire? Because it’s a roller coaster. We do great for a bit, and it’s exciting!! Then we could lose half our money like in 2008. They say you must ride it out. It will come back! If you lose 50%, you can’t just gain 50% back and be back to where you were. You have to make a 100% return just to get back to where you were before you lost it. When was the last time you had a 100% return in a year in the market? It's just something to think about... imagine if you didn’t have to wait all those years to get back what you lost. Sounds kinda rigged to me.

I said I would only touch on these today. But, I want to get you to really understand that the reason you make a lot of the choices you have is because you thought you were doing all the right things. Unfortunately, the reason we weren’t taught certain things is because the less you know, the more *they make.

The Untold Truth About Traditional Retirement

The reason I am telling you these things today is because if you only knew what *they don’t want you to know, you would not have to work so hard to maybe have enough for retirement.

Hear me out, I only know these things they don’t want us to know about because I knew the route I was on was going to keep me in the rat race! I wanted more out of life than working for a company that didn’t appreciate me or anything I did for them. That’s corporate America for you. I knew if I continued, I would never travel as much as I wanted to. I would continue to feel like I had to save, save, and save today so I could have something for tomorrow. I knew there had to be a better way.

So, I did something about it!

I started researching what the successful people around me were doing. I researched until I figured out what they were doing. A way to put my money to work for me. I wanted it to work for me like it did for them. The first thing I learned was how to create a passive income with real estate. I also discovered different ways to make money, like the banks, creating more cash flow without working more.

Because I did all of the research, I was able to achieve financial freedom in a few years and start traveling the world like I always wanted without having to worry. Why? Because MY MONEY is working for me and not for the banks. Making more money than any traditional 401k out there. :)

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