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Turning Personal Finance Struggles into a Financial Freedom Formula

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

How Losing My Job Became a Wake-Up Call in Personal Finance

I never dreamed that I would be a financial consultant helping people manage their money. It was not because I was not good with money, but it wasn’t the trajectory that I had imagined for myself. But, like so many entrepreneurs, I felt called to start this business due to personal experiences. One in particular that left me passionate about sharing everything I had learned, including the path to financial freedom.

After losing my job during the 2008 financial collapse, I became more aware of how my own personal finance habits, and how those around me spent or saved. Growing up in a SAVERS home, I was surprised by how many of my colleagues and friends had been living paycheck to paycheck- even though we were all making close to six figures!

Having open and honest conversations with them led me to see that I had been blessed with having slightly advanced financial teachings in my home. This led me to believe that there was a possibility that I was as unaware, as my colleagues were, of the financial teachings of the ‘wealthy’.

If there were things they didn’t know- then there must be things I didn’t know. My first step was to improve my knowledge of money by hiring a financial advisor. Logical next step, right?

The Pitfalls of Trusting Financial Advisors Blindly

I hired a financial advisor who offered to help me invest my money. Unfortunately, he ended up not having my best interests in mind. The investment he proposed was actually in his son’s business. I ended up losing my money and having to sue him because that is illegal behavior from a licensed professional.

Self-Education in Personal Finance Leads to Breakthroughs

After that awful experience, I started to research on my own. I no longer trusted what was said, by a licensed professional or not, without doing my due diligence.

I was amazed at how much is not taught about personal finance in the school system. I had made some critical discoveries that I wanted to share with anyone who would listen to me. I wanted to empower others to make more informed financial decisions to protect themselves and their money from scammers.

Fast forward a few years, with a ton of research and licenses under my belt, as well as doing everything myself first to test and confirm that it works; I created the Financial Freedom Formula! This formula filters out all of the outdated and misleading information that keeps people working 40+ years to save in hopes of one day retiring.

This program helps my clients create more cash flow with alternative solutions so they can achieve financial independence in 3-7 years.

Naturally, everyone wants to be financially free as soon as they can be, but for me, this timeframe has a special meaning.

Why Financial Freedom is More Than Just a Dream for Me

You see, I have MS, a degenerative auto immune disease that will leave me unable to work a lot sooner than the average person. I didn’t want to become a burden to my family or friends. I wanted to make sure that I was independent and had the financial ability to take care of myself.

This was a huge drive for me to make sure I found the solution quickly. And once I did, I started sharing with those I thought would benefit. Eventually, I saw that more and more people wanted it and needed it. It just grew from there.

And now, anyone who is interested in achieving financial freedom,

sooner than the average person, can!

Protecting Your Wealth from the Five Enemies with the Financial Freedom Formula

In the Financial Freedom Formula, we follow the GPS Model which enables us to grow your wealth while simultaneously protecting it from the 5 Enemies of Wealth:

✅ Inflation

✅ Litigation

✅ Taxation

✅ Market fluctuations

✅ Devastation

At CQ Consulting we don’t just want you to make more money, we want you to KEEP MORE AND LIVE MORE NOW!

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