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Make Money Like The Banks..

Nobody makes money like a bank, right? Maybe it's time you start making moves like one!

You can start making smart money moves like the bank by implementing two practices into your financial lifestyle.

First, let's talk life insurance utilization. Banks are the largest purchasers of cash value life insurance in the United States, and it's often their largest asset class. It acts as both a tax shelter, and a tax free source of funds, meaning, you can borrow against it, and even use it as collateral. With guaranteed cash growth over time, life insurance is a smart money move now, as well as building future generational wealth.

Next, have you considered lending out your money? Crazy thought, I know, but banks are profitable lenders, taking our deposits and fees, and lending it all right back to us, making them even more money. You could be doing the same thing! It all comes down to knowing your borrower. Due diligence is key to protecting this type of investment, but lending is a great way to make a return on your money. As a lender, look for borrowers with good credit and have strong contractual repayments in place.

At CQ Consulting, our goal is helping our clients experience financial freedom in 3-7 years, and helping you make moves (and profit!) like a bank is one of the many pathways to that goal.

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